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Winter Weather Preparation

Make sure you are prepared for the winter weather this season. Icy conditions close Louisiana interstates and the East Coast storms suspend hours regulations for some drivers. Stay up to date.  


Recent Need to Know Updates

We have recent updates you should check out: 4 takeaways from the ELD Madate transition, the finalization of the 2018-2019 UCR fees, January drug testing changes and safety news from FMCSA. 

ELD Mandate...

Ask Thorn Valley | January 2018

Three major questions and answers that were forwarded to Thorn Valley by an attendee of the FMCSA meeting. These are questions regarding ELD compliance will come in handy. The next few...

The ELD Mandate

That long awaited for day is upon us – December 18, 2017 – a.k.a. "The ELD Mandate"

There are still a few contingencies out there hoping that the whole ELD...

Ask Thorn Valley | December 2017


"The insured stated that the third party safety consultant that he uses stated the 2000 model trucks in his fleet had a build date in 1999 and that all...

FMCSA Action

Check out the SNS website updates, the crash preventability demonstration program results and the recent FMCSA actions.  

SMS Website Updated; Crash Preventability Demonstration Program Results Released Read more. 

Recent FMCSA...

Winter Driving

Read how to winterize your truck, Thorn Valley's 10 safe driving tips for this year, and how to to survive winter as a CMV Driver. 

Winter Safety Tips From Thorn Valley 

Holidays and Driving Safety Tips

This holiday season, be sure to watch out erratic and unsafe drivers. Drivers impaired by alcohol or drugs are at a much higher risk for entering the highway on the...

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