Safety Portal Learning Management System

Thorn Valley is excited to announce the launch of its online safety portal to the loss control industry! It’s a great safety resource to leverage for your insureds. Online safety training modules are offered with a focused curriculum and each user is required to pass a quiz for completion. In addition, fleet safety downloads are also available to every user.

Safety Videos

Learning can be fun. Our focused curriculums and retention modules get results

Professional Driver

Develop good driving skills with these defensive driving tips. Stay up to date on laws and regulations regarding rest time, seat belt use, and much more.

Trip Planning

All the helpful tips you need to plan your trip from beginning to end. And, the pros and cons of using a GPS and how you can best avoid problems throughout your entire route.

Fatigue Management

Techniques and tips to keep your mind and body responsive. Regular routines, sleep and consistent meals are all among the important keys to making sure you are a better driver.

Crash Preventability

This course helps explain the difference between fault and preventability while including helpful insight on how to  prevent accidents from occurring.

Small Vehicle Safety

Learn defensive driving techniques for a small vehicle fleet. How to maintain a safe following distance as well as how to safely communicate with other drivers.

Cargo Securement

How to safely and properly secure your cargo to prevent leaking, spilling, shifting or falling. Learn how to transport your cargo safely and legally by reviewing proper weight distribution and load limit requirements.

Driver Fitness

Driver qualification, licensing and medical requirements… are you qualified? Age, language, operate CMV, physically qualified, valid license, cert of violations & road test.

Hazard Recognition

This course helps you to recognize potential hazards when driving in bad weather or on mountains. Touching on downgrading, ice storms, fog and 4-way flashers.

Fleet Safety Resources

Receive access to exclusive fleet safety resources to help drivers stay safe on the road and reduce overall risk.

Self Guided Exams

Follow engaging online e-learning saftety courses. Go at your own pace and test your knowledge at the end of each section.  

Certificate of Completion

Need to hand out certificates after completing a course? You’ll receive a course certification immediately after passing each of our course exams. 

Customize it for YOU

White label our LMS, share a custom login, develop a custom styling to reflect your brand. We’ll make it look like it is yours!

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