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Online Learning Portal

Thorn Valley now offers an online learning portal to teach drivers safety on the road. Designed with drivers in mind, the Desktop & Mobile-Friendly portal can be completed anywhere and customized to include any of our 17 DOT-Regulated & Non-Regulated Safer Driving courses

General Safer Driving Courses

What is Safer Driving

Important keys to heading down a safer road! Including: how to take responsibility, avoid hazards and keep a good attitude throughout your trip.

The Professional Driver

We have defensive driving tips to help keep you up to date on laws and regulations regarding rest, seat belt use, mirror adjusting and much more.

Non-Regulated Vehicle Courses


Small Vehicle Fleet Safety #1

  • What is a “Non-Regulated”
  • General Driver Safety
  • Inspection, Repair & Maintenance

Small Vehicle Fleet Safety #2

  • Speed, Space Management
  • Following Distance
  • Backing

15 Passenger Van Safety

  • Unique Vehicle Characteristics
  • Rollovers
  • Passenger disbursement

DOT Regulated Drivers & Vehicles

Driver Fitness

  • Qualification & Licensing
  • Reporting Requirements
  • DOT Medical and Drug & Alcohol Requirements

Following & Stopping Distance

  • Calculating Total Stopping Distance
  • Measuring Following Time
  • Accounting for Vehicle Size & Weight

Hazard Recognition #1

  • Inclement Weather
  • Mountain Driving
  • Safely Descending Downgrades

Cargo Securement #1 - Dry Vans

  • Weight Distribution
  • Load Limit Requirements
  • Examples

Fatigue Management

  • Hours of Service, ELD & Driver Logs
  • Health & Fitness
  • Sleep Apnea & BMI

Speed & Space Management

  • Adverse Weather
  • Managing Reduced Visibility
  • Adjusting to Changing Conditions

Hazard Recognition #2

  • Driving in Traffic
  • Lane Changes, Merging and Passing
  • Interstates and Ramps

Cargo Securement #2 - Flatbeds

  • Weight Distribution
  • Load Limit Requirements
  • Examples


  • Roadside Inspection
  • Safety Measurement System & Pre-Employment Screening Program

Crash Preventability

  • Fault vs. Preventability
  • Preventability Determination
  • DataQs Preventability Challenges

Hazard Recognition #3

  • Night Driving
  • City Driving
  • Destination and Arrival Preparedness

Trip Planning

  • Essential Planning Tools
  • GPS Pros and Cons
  • Routing – Origin to Destination
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