Autonomous Vehicles continue to populate the landscape as the transportation industry grows and develops the eventuality of this technology. Questions from the industry and the public include when and where this will happen. The consensus and underlying concern are “how safe will this be?” In response, this month’s TVE-News provides examples of some applications already happening in specific areas of the country.  We also look at “platooning” in our “Ask Thorn Valley” section.

Waymo Outlines Plans to Integrate Autonomous Trucking in Fleets (HDT 7/14/2020) Continue Reading

Auburn University to Build Autonomous Research Facility Check It Out

The USPS tests out Self-Driving trucks for Hauling Mall (CBS News 5/21/2019) 
TU Simple’s expanding network of mapped routes allows long-haul autonomous trucks to transport freight to facilities across the country, and by working closely with industry partners claims they will scale autonomous service nationwide by 2023. Read More

You may soon be cruising alongside a self-driving truck on I-70 (Indianapolis Star 6/14/2020) Learn More

A big player in the autonomous race to market is Tesla.  Major truck manufacturers are developing this as well;

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