Thorn Valley keeps you in the know on Safer Driving! This month highlights how to be safe in 2022, updates on the Online Safety Portal, regulatory updates, and more.

Plan for Safety this Year

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Online Driver Safety Training

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Regulatory Updates


Entry-Level Driver Trainer Early Registration Is Open

Any company or organization that plans to provide training to entry-level drivers on or after February 7, 2022 will have to be registered with FMCSA. Early registration is open now. Learn more about training provider requirements and consider starting your registration today. Register with FMCSA

DOT, Dept. Of Education Announce Temporary Waiver to Help Increase the Number of School Bus Drivers Nationwide

Senators Pressure FMCSA to Allow Under-21 Interstate Truckers to Help Solve Driver Shortage

FMCSA Updates SMS Website, Warning Letters Sent Based on Unsafe Driving BASIC Results

Did You Know?

FMCSA is asking motor carriers to talk with their ELD vendor to ensure their devices remain compliant after the scheduled 3G sunset. Read “Mobile carriers are sunsetting 3G soon. Will your ELD be affected?” on FMCSA’s site.

New York was the last state to restrict those under 21 from obtaining a commercial driver’s license. That changed on November 26 when they lowered the age to 18, leaving Alaska with the highest age limit at 19 years old. More in “New York passes law to allow under-21 intrastate truck drivers” in CCJ.

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