That long awaited for day is upon us – December 18, 2017 – a.k.a. “The ELD Mandate”

There are still a few contingencies out there hoping that the whole ELD thing will just go away, or waiting for government to “do something” about it. It’s not going away anytime soon that we’re aware of, and the government already has done something. Effective today all commercial motor vehicles with limited exception must be equipped with an Electronic Logging Device to monitor driver hours of service. Some exemptions have been granted with a few more under consideration. Although the DOT won’t put truckers out of service or issue CSA points for not having an ELD in their truck until April 1, 2018, they can still be fined. In addition to the ELD, truckers will be required to carry;

  • ELD User’s Manual
  • Data transfer Instructions
  • ELD malfunction instructions
  • A good old-fashioned logbook (in case of malfunction) 

While the amount of the fine is TBD depending upon location, it is a preventable cost, particularly with all the notoriety leading up to today. Thorn Valley’s advice? Truckers better not pout, they better not cry, and they best not wait for Christmas to see if Santa puts an ELD in their stocking. Unless they fit into one of the following categories, the ELD needs to be in their truck today!

ELD Exemptions

Ag haulers receive 90-day waiver Read More. 

Rental companies receive 90-day waiver (for trucks rented less than 30 days) Read more. 

  • Drivers who operate under the short-haul exceptions may continue using timecards; they are not required to keep RODs and will not be required to use ELDs
  • Drivers who use paper logs for not more than 8 days out of every 30-day period
  • Drivers operating a power unit that is part of a driveaway/towaway shipment
  • Drivers who are driving or towing a recreational vehicle that is part of a driveaway/towaway shipment
  • Drivers who are operating vehicles with an engine model year older than 2000
  • Drivers of property-carrying CMVs rented for eight days or less (this exemption was added in October)
  • A carrier or driver that is using compliant AOBRDs that were installed and in service before Dec. 18, 2017 (must convert to a compliant ELD by Dec. 16, 2019)

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