It’s the insurance industry’s chance to address distracted driving. Learn about the connected world, innovative telematics applications and driver risk management FAQs.

The Insurance Industry’s Chance to Address Distracted Driving
Many insurers – including some of the biggest brands in the insurance market—are already reaping significant benefits by deploying smartphone telematics to their customer base. Learn more.

Distracted Driving in a Connected World
In the age of technology, distracted driving is a major issue for drivers, especially professional drivers who spend most of their time on the road. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, distracted driving was linked to 3,450 deaths in 2016, making up 9.2% of all motor vehicle related fataliies. Learn more.

Innovative Telematics Applications Over the past decade, telematics has permeated truck fleets all over the world as more and more companies benefit from this technology past the initial benefits of vehicle tracking and routing. An important benefit of collecting fleet data is the ability to identify patterns and create models.

This benefits the fleet but can also help other aspects of the business. Read more. 

Fleet FAQ? Driver Risk Management Article from Automotive Fleet with Ed Dubens, Executive Vice President of eDriving; Ed Dubens oversees all aspects of eDriving’s fleet risk management products and services. As a veteran of the fleet risk management industry for over 20 years, Ed has helped transform the way companies like Johnson & Johnson, Nestlé, and Merck proactively manage risk and prioritize the safety of their employees on a daily basis. Read the blog.

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