Stay up to date as ELD compliance enters a new phase and continues to change. Find out 6 things you should know about the personal conveyance guidance FMCSA issued.

ELD & Hours of Service

  • ELD Compliance Enters New Phase | Learn More
  • Welcome to the ELD Home Page | View Now
    To assist the motor carrier industry with adopting ELDs, FMCSA has developed a new resource for drivers. Designed to be printed and stored under the visor of a CMV, this guide gives the driver a high-level overview of the various data transfer processes and includes some tips on troubleshooting common questions that could arise during data transfer. | Check it out
  • Hours of Service of Drivers; Exemption Applications:
    Applications for Exemption From the Electronic Logging Device Rule; As required by statute, FMCSA announces denials of 10 applications for exemptions from the hours-of service (HOS) electronic logging device (ELD) rule. The applicants are as follows: Power and Construction Contractors Association; Western Equipment Dealers Association; Association of Energy Service Companies; Cudd Energy Services, Inc.; SikhsPAC and North American Punjabi Trucker Association; Owner- Operator Independent Drivers Association, Inc.; American Disposal Service; Towing and Recovery Association of America; National Electrical Contractors Association; and the Agricultural Retailers Association. The Agency reviewed each application and any comments received and rendered each decision based upon the merits of the application. | Learn More
  • DOT Exempts Carriers from California’s Break Laws | Read More

Personal Conveyance

  • FMCSA Issues Personal Conveyance Guidance;
    Guidance outlines when CMV drivers may operate trucks or buses for personal conveyance. | Read More
  • 6 Things You Should Know About Personal Conveyance | Learn More
  • Do I Need a USDOT Number?
    Every state has adopted the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations for interstate motor carriers, while 37 states and jurisdictions also require intrastate motor carriers to obtain a USDOT # as well. For any exemptions that might apply, check with your responsible state agency. | Check Now