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Five more ELD Devices were removed from the Registered List by FMCSA! The five devices include: CI ELD LOGS, CN ELD, KSK ELD, TT ELD 30, and TT ELD 1010 devices.


You can always refer back to Thorn Valley’s Resource Page at any time for an up-to-date roster of ELDs that have been revoked, along with a variety of other resources such as: Government Regulatory & Enforcement, Workplace Safety, Driver Files Forms & Fitness, Inspection Details, Controlled Substances & Alcohol, and many additional links!

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How Much Difference Can a Single Pound (1 lb) Make?

When dealing with a commercial fleet, it can make a huge difference!


Whether a vehicle is rated at 10,000 lb or 10,001 lb – GCVWR (Gross Combined Vehicle Weight Rating) can determine whether or not the company is subject to the DOT regulations.

The difference between 26,000 lb and 26,001 lb – GCVWR can determine if the driver needs a CDL, or if the company must administer Drug & Alcohol testing for drivers.

So, for fleet owners, drivers, insurance agents, brokers and underwriters, that 1 lb can make a big difference. It can determine how the fleet is managed, what type of license is needed, and even influences insurance coverage. View Thorn Valley’s Resources and click on the NHTS VIN Decoder where you can look up a vehicle V.I.N., see vehicle specifications and determine the GCVWR.