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The fleet survey report is provided to the underwriter within thirty days of receiving the assignment, unless there is a delay in scheduling the appointment due to client unavailability. TVS uses the services of experienced transportation specialists that are strategically located throughout the United States. All of our safety engineers have many years in the transportation industry, are well qualified and able perform insightful evaluations of commercial vehicle operations.

When performing the survey, the engineer meets with the designated company representative and obtains all the pertinent information about the company’s operations, safety programs, hiring, training, and maintenance programs. An evaluation of losses for repetitive causation issues can also be performed.

As applicable, driver files, logs, drug testing records, and maintenance files are examined during the visit. While at the insured, the safety engineer obtains a current driver list, a current equipment list, and takes photographs of the equipment and premises. Before leaving the company, the safety engineer conducts an exit interview with the management and advises them of any recommendations that we may have as a result of our preliminary findings.

Upon departure, the engineer completes a detailed safety survey form, writes a narrative that clarifies and supplements the answers that are contained in the survey, and completes a written recommendation sheet. All documentation is then sent to TVS's main office where it is reviewed for completeness and edited for content before being sent on to the underwriter and/or insured as directed.

In the event that serious issues are found that might have an immediate effect on the insurability of the company, the safety engineer will contact the underwriter upon leaving the insured’s location.

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Thorn Valley and its associates have been providing loss control services to insurers and general agencies since 2000. Over that period of time, we have developed a reputation for being one of the best companies of our type in the industry.

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