Thorn Valley Safety

Winter Driving

Read how to winterize your truck, Thorn Valley's 10 safe driving tips for this year, and how to to survive winter as a CMV Driver.

FMCSA Action

Check out the SNS website updates, the crash preventability demonstration program results and the recent FMCSA actions. 

Ask Thorn Valley

“The insured stated that the third party safety consultant said the 2000 model trucks in his fleet had a build date in 1999 and that all the engines had 1999 VIN's, and these trucks would be exempt from the ELD mandate. He also stated that the 2007 unit that needs a motor replacement would be exempt if he put one of the 1999 engines that he has available. I have read but am not certain if that unit must be designated a glider kit to qualify or if just changing the motor qualifies it for the exemption. I told the insured I would check with Thorn Valley to see if that information was accurate."

The ELD Mandate

That long awaited day is upon us! December 18 ELD Mandate is in action. Read about the ELD exemptions and answers to the top 70 ELD questions.

TSA Real ID Will Affect Renewal of Driver's License

Beginning January 22,2018, driver’s licenses or state IDs issued by states that are not in compliance with the REAL ID Act and have not been granted an extension by DHS may not be used to fly within the U.S.

OSHA Compliance Updates

The OSHA has updated numerous compliance requirements for 2018. The crane operator certification requirements and the standard for sprinkler system installation will be affected. 

Trucking Safety Technology

Could collision sensing equipment shape the future of driving? Some experts are arguing that collision technology, created for driverless cars, should be used for trucks and other driver-driven vehicles.

Holidays and Driving Safety Tips

This holiday season, be sure to watch out erratic and unsafe drivers. Wearing a seatbelt and being alert can save you and your families’ lives.