Thorn Valley Safety

Ask Thorn Valley: Non-CDL Commercial Motor Vehicles

Thorn Valley often gets questions regarding accounts engaged in regulated operations when there are no CDL drivers. Tom Flaten, VP of Field Operation addresses this question along with the confusion that often comes from the FMCSA's definitions of Commercial Motor Vehicles. 

New 2017 Enforcements

CVSA releases the results of the 2016 Operation Safe Driver Week, truckers in Texas and Massachusetts are shut down by FMCSA, the DOT announces thousands of truckers needs new med cards after alleged examiner fraud, and auto parts supplier faces fines after factory death. 

Regulatory Updates News - January 2017

FMCSA using new investigative techniques in carriers' on-site compliance reviews and clarifies existing federal regulations. URS Implementation dates are extended and the FDA issues the final rule on sanitary transportation of human and animal food. 

Industry Outlook and Risk Management

A look at the DOT's 30 year framework, Unearthing the hidden costs of customer risk and measuring the money saved when loss doesn’t happen can drive an insurer’s value and why switching to ELDs immediately will reduce risk.

FMCSA Announces New Initiatives for 2017 

New rules set down for 2017 include a new random testing rate for controlled substances, national training standards and drug and alcohol testing for new truck and bus drivers.

FMCSA Updates

Learn how to navigate the updated FMCSA site interpretations, read about how the electronic logging rule survived the court challenge, and comment on the American Concrete Pumping Association's application for exemption from the 30-minute rest break provision for workers.

OSHA & Crane Safety

Read the OSHA's top 10 list of citations from 2016 so that you can avoid job hazards and keep yourself and others safe. Learn even more from the OSHA about crane, derrick and hoist safety and new compliance directives for construction. 

Health & Fitness

Read about the guidelines for drivers returning to work from and illness or injury, learn about the FMCSA's new recommendation for truckers with high BMI, and calculate your own Body Mass Index.