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Trucking Safety Technology

Could collision sensing equipment shape the future of driving? Some experts are arguing that collision technology, created for driverless cars, should be used for trucks and other driver-driven vehicles.

Holidays and Driving Safety Tips

This holiday season, be sure to watch out erratic and unsafe drivers. Wearing a seatbelt and being alert can save you and your families’ lives.

Ask Thorn Valley

Question: Do you believe a Laminated cab card could be used as the user manual DOT is requesting?

Ask Thorn Valley

Question: What does the red symbol mean in the status section of the company FMCSA Portal A&I activity report? If you're having the same problem, read more to find the answer.

Other Safety News

Thorn Valley brings you the latest from the safety community, including a truck whose bed was in the upright position and smashed into a highway sign, important information for diesel trucks in California and an OSHA citation that may cost an employer well over $1 million.

Ask Thorn Valley

"Does signing up for the monitoring service remove the need for a trucking company to have a current MVR in file based on Fed DOT rules?" See what Thorn Valley has to say about the best practices for original and computerized MVRs.