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Enforcement Action

Where have transportation associations been cracking down? See our updates about violations and enforcement.

Hours of Service Updates

We have the latest on hours-of-service compliance and electronic logging devices. Stay informed and in the clear!

Ask Thorn Valley

The March Newsletter asks a great question: "Can a food producer of agricultural commodities or livestock claim exemption under FMCSR 390.5 as a covered farm vehicle (CFV)?" Click the link below to read Thorn Valley's answer.


FMCSA offers a Crash Preventability Program and announces the ELD waiver for the transporters of agricultural commodities. Learn the 6 steps to obtain a medical exemption.

Driver Hiring, Retention and ELD Compliance Concerns

Driver turnover rate eased in the fourth quarter, but there is no getting around the fact that the U.S. is running out of trucker drivers. Read the hot off the press Special Report: Day of Reckoning in Driver Shortage Saga. Also in this article, read the ELD Mandate enforcement kicking in on April 1 and how FMCSA modifies guidance to authorize the use of AOBRD Software on ELD-capable Hardware.

Safety Messages, Training and Tips

Look out for low bridges! We are sharing news about texting and driving accidents and railroad overpasses that hang too low. Read CMV driving tips and how collision avoidance lessens truck damage. 

Ask Thorn Valley

A good question came up during the loss control visit at a drive-away operation. How does a drive-away operation determine the number of “Power Units” to list on the Motor Carrier Census filing (MCS-150)? Read our response.

The ELD Pivot

"We might have missed the peak of the ELD impact due to a delay in hard enforcement and temporary relief for agricultural commodity haulers, but the data shows a correlation between spot-market demand and the implementation."