Thorn Valley Safety

Regulatory Updates

Get all the information you need about FMCSA's revised CSA methodology, OSHA's whistleblower issue and U-Haul's citation for exposing employees to danger. 

Drug Testing Updates

Positive drug tests in drivers hit a 10-year high! The Trucking Alliance is pushing congress to tighten truck driver testing. Stay up to date. 

Ask Thorn Valley

1. You have two motor carriers with similar ownership, do you need two policies or one?  2. What is the retention period for physicals in a DQ file? 

Fleet Rist Management

Learn more about camera systems that work in place of mirrors, new findings on tire failures and important risks facing your fleet.

Crime Report

Find out how law enforcement is keeping an eye out for fraud, trafficking and other and other crimes on the road.

Enforcement Action

Where have transportation associations been cracking down? See our updates about violations and enforcement.

Hours of Service Updates

We have the latest on hours-of-service compliance and electronic logging devices. Stay informed and in the clear!

Ask Thorn Valley

The March Newsletter asks a great question: "Can a food producer of agricultural commodities or livestock claim exemption under FMCSR 390.5 as a covered farm vehicle (CFV)?" Click the link below to read Thorn Valley's answer.


FMCSA offers a Crash Preventability Program and announces the ELD waiver for the transporters of agricultural commodities. Learn the 6 steps to obtain a medical exemption.