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"Does signing up for the monitoring service remove the need for a trucking company to have a current MVR in file based on Fed DOT rules?" See what Thorn Valley has to say about the best practices for original and computerized MVRs.

Safe Driving

Keep up to date on the current safe driving news! The FMCSA is amplifying its efforts to educate all drivers on how to better share the roads and drive safer around large trucks and buses, CMV drivers' abilities are tested with a road test as part of the Driver Qualification process, and the drivers responsible for the Skagit Bridge collapse accept fault.

Enforcement News

Read how a growing number of trucks in light-duty fleets increases the risk of DOT violations, the 10 things drivers do to get pulled over, and a state-by-state report of the most promising safety policies used to keep eliminate preventable deaths on the road. Also, get ready for Brake Safety Day, Thursday, September 7! Law enforcement across the country will conduct inspections on large trucks and buses to identify out-of-adjustment brakes and antilock braking system violations.

Impaired Driving

The rate of illicit drug use among commercial drivers continues to remain below the level that would require motor carriers to conduct more random testing, according to recent survey results. While in states with legalized recreational marijuana, the collision claim frequencies that are about 3 percent higher overall than would have been expected without legalization.

ELDs and Technology

Read Thorn Valley's compilation of ELD recent news, including dates and locations of the FMCSA ELD Implementation National Tour, tips for choosing a compliant ELD, updates on the Congressional bill to delay the mandate, best practices for managing a data enabled fleet, and the security risks posed to ELD data.


In August, the FMCSA began accepting Requests for Data Review into its Crash Preventability Demonstration Program. This program uses data from 3.5 million roadside inspections and 150,000 crashes each year to prioritize its enforcement resources on those motor carriers that pose the greatest safety risks on our Nation’s roads. The National Academies reports that the concepts behind the Safety Measurement System are sound, but the program is in need of some improvements. Additionally, the FMCSA clarifies that states can choose to accept out-of-state CLP applications and administer the general knowledge test to any out-of-state applicants.

Industry Spotlight: Towing and Recovery

FMCSA decides to grant an application for an exemption from the International Institute of Towing and Recovery. Also find training resources for Traffic Incident Management from Respondersafety, the National Highway Institute, and Wreckmaster. 

Intrastate ELD Regulation

Texas and Florida are the first of what will be many states that begin to adopt state-specific ELD requirements for intra-state operators as the countdown to ELD compliance date mandate nears in December. Learn about the crazy quilt of intrastate hours logging and ELD mandates.