Thorn Valley Safety

FMSCA Announcements - July 2018

Read why FMCSA declares a New Mexico truck driver and a Georgia commercial vehicle driver to be imminent hazards. There is also a new ELD support page and a USDOT Pilot Program that provides a boost to military recruitment. 

Industry News - July 2018

In Industry News: UPS lowered their accident rate 1%, a surprise brake inspection puts 1,600 trucks out of service and TMAF has free trucking resources on their site!

Fleet Risk Management - July 2018

Learn about the 6 critical risks emerging in transportation, how fleets are using artificial intelligence to accelerate safety and the risk management FAQ.

Crash Scenarios

Who is at fault when a4-wheeler hits a truck? Also, learn the dangers of trailers and how to properly hook them to your car. 

Construction Spotlight

Read the 2017 Rollover Ready Mix Survey, how concrete pumpers are looking to harmonize hours regs with concrete haulers and the operator qualifications for cranes and Derricks in construction.  

Regulatory Updates

Get all the information you need about the ELD updates; Independence Day exemption for firework haulers, House Bill aiming for narrow HOS changes and the unannounced shut down of ELD providers.

Industry News - June

We have Operation Safe Driver week coming up quickly and details on the ATRI Board approving 2018's top research priorities.

Telematics & Technology

It's the insurance industry's chance to address distracted driving. Learn about the connected world, innovative telematics applications and driver risk management FAQs.

Ask Thorn Valley | May 2018

We are packed full this month: 1. Is body mass indicator (BMI) regulated by DOT?  2. Will paper medical certificates remain? 3. Loss Control - the eyes and ears of underwriting.

Risky Driving Behavior

Learn why the number of fatal crashes rose in 2016, how risky driving is targeting during Safe Driver Week and which dates have been set for CVSA's annual enforcement blitz!