Winter and Adverse Conditions



No matter how much we hate it, winter is rapidly approaching. This means that it is already time to begin reviewing our driving techniques and preparing ourselves for the changes that we will need to make in response to the adverse conditions.

The first thing to remember is that others don’t! Every year, the average driver must slide through at least one traffic light or stop sign before he remembers that it is necessary to slow down and begin stopping well in advance of the intersection. If you are not prepared, they will slide into your path and another collision will go into the books. Don’t let others control your driving record!

Intersections Reduce your speed and be prepared to stop at intersections, even if you have the right of way.

Watch for approaching traffic, evaluate their speed, and then exercise your professionalism by stopping or slowing to avoid them. Do not swerve in the direction of their travel. If you do, a collision will become inevitable. Instead, maintain your lane, or if safe to do so, swerve so that you will be where they have been-- not where they are going.