School (back to) Safety

In spring we recognized that cyclist and pedestrian traffic increased with warmer weather and we adjusted our driving habits accordingly. As the end of summer nears, this hazard is magnified as school children, active school zones, school buses and slow moving vehicles enter the equation. Many reading this safety message will have children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and family friends who will be boarding the school bus several times daily. Think about what could happen...

If a negligent driver failed to drive defensively this school year, causing harm to our loved one, how would we react? And what makes us think that we are incapable of becoming that negligent driver? No one wants to be involved in a pedestrian or cyclist collision – let alone one involving a school bus loaded with innocent children. This unfortunate situation occurs every year, leaving drivers, victims and relatives asking: Why?

  • There are 450,000 school buses in service.
  • More than 25 million students ride school buses daily.
  • School buses travel 2 million miles every school day.
  • There are 16,000 school bus collisions annually.
  • There are 12,000 injuries and 130 deaths involving school buses annually.

Awareness is a key. Be aware of school zones, bus traffic and stops within your radius of operations, particularly during mornings and afternoons. Stay away from the danger zone!

The pentagon shape with the point to the top warns us to watch for school children. The new color for these signs – Fluorescent yellow-green - is much easier to see in low light and foggy/rainy weather.