The Importance of Accurate Driver Logs

What does it take for a trucking operation to succeed today? Lottery mentality thinks "If we could just land that one big account, we’d have it made." Sure, that wouldn’t hurt. But besides revenue, that big new account will also bring a whole new set of challenges with it too - new routes, new rules and new people to deal with. Is everyone up to the task?

One thing is for certain. Trucking companies not already taking care of business details are doomed for failure even if they do land that big account. That new customer also expects its new business partner to be on top of details like; Vehicle Inspection, Repair and Maintenance; Driver Screening, Hiring, Orientation, Training and Qualification; Hours of Service and Drivers Daily Logs. Is everyone still up to the task?

Now there’s CSA 2010 thrown into the mix and the pressure to comply gets really tough. There’s been a lot of talk and misunderstanding about this new government initiative. For those folks not really clear on this program yet, but not wanting to be bothered with all the details either, please at least understand that it will have a major affect on one’s future ability to earn a living in trucking. Think of it this way:

"Safestat had trucking under the microscope; CSA 2010 now has it under the Hubble Telescope!"

CSA 2010 is not just coming, it’s here right now. Trucking companies and drivers have just a few short months to get their safety program in line before DOT begins issuing cease and desist orders under CSA 2010. Is everyone absolutely certain they are still up for the task?

Here’s the good news though. CSA 2010 is not a new safety regulation. That’s correct – zero new rules! Everyone can now breathe a collective sigh of relief – as long as they’re in compliance. However, trucking operations that may have been taking shortcuts around the existing regulations and avoiding DOT scrutiny up until now need to think twice about how they do business going forward. Unless they change their ways they will soon begin to feel the pain. So don’t delay, start today, and remember – details and document, details and document! And if the safety program is not in writing it does not exist!

Logging Tip for the Week:

Miles Day 1 + Miles Day 2 + Miles Day 3 + Miles Day 4 + Miles Day 5 = Miles for the Week*

Ending Odometer (Day 5) - Starting Odometer (Day 1) = Miles for the Week*

  • These two calculations must match!!