Thorn Valley Safety

Transportation & Construction Safety

Crane accidents create a need for safety training, a concrete provider deploys a video safety program and riding the school bus becomes a privilege. 

Transportation Technology

Technology's Impact on Today's Transportation Claims panel had a lot to say at TIDA, read our notes. Also, check out our webinar on exploring safety technology and learn why telematics is crucial in meeting fleet safety goals.

Industry Issues

Find out what Kylla Lanier, of Truckers Against Trafficking, had to say at TIDA. Let's also talk about the driver turnover surge at a three-year high, the six essentials of a high quality first notice of loss program and how to increase land transportation safety. 

Regulatory News From Around The Country

We have legal updates from Scopelitis, Garvin, Light, Hanson and Feary. Some updates include: Sears filing for bankruptcy and 60 seconds with STC. Also, NTCI touches on HOS flexibility.

Federal (FMCSA) Updates

Read notes from Jim Mullen, Chief Counsel from U.S. Department of Transportation, at the 26th annual TIDA conference. Learn how FMCSA is streamlining the process of allowing people with diabetes to operate vehicles. Stay updated on the ATA California Meal Rest Break preemption petition. 

Ask Thorn Valley - August 2018

We were asked about obtaining Central Analysis Bureau (CAB) reports for moving & storage companies who operate under both local and national moving company authority. Read our initial thoughts and supporting argument. 

Commercial Auto Accidents - Then and Now

Find out what fleet drivers should do after an accident. Also, check out the updated American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) Crash Predictor Model that was just released. 

CVSA and Monthly Enforcement Updates

Get prepared for the upcoming events! Law Enforcement will be collecting rear guard data on CMVs from August 27th - 31st. Brake Safety Week is also set... Are you ready for September 16th - 22nd? 

Current Safety Matters

Learn about millennials in trucking, driver retention, pot breathalyzers, consumer reports on truck safety and if your truck makes you sleepy. 

Drug & Medical Updates - July 2018

Check out the national registry of certified medical examiners and learn why some of the country's largest carriers are hoping to see drivers drug tested via a hair samples instead of the usual urine sample standard.