Thorn Valley Safety

Bus and Coach

Charter buses, metro/city buses, school buses, and shuttle services are evaluated for safety practices and compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.

Crane & Boom Truck

While operators are not yet mandated to be crane or NCCCO certified in all States, our field specialists review all hazards, training and management practices to ensure safety policies are in place.

Concrete Pumper

Maintenance, operation, situational awareness, and location are all evaluated. In addition our normal safety and compliance analysis is performed.

Limousine and Taxi

Special risks are affiliated with these types of business. Typically non-DOT regulated, the primary concerns are training, hiring, supervision, and driver turnover.


Typically not federally regulated, but still require proper driver screening, safety training, supervision, and specialty training in the care and transport of disabled persons.

Ready Mix

Concurrent with normal safety and compliance concerns, our field specialists review the extra training and supervisory practices that are necessary for these risks to operate safely.

School Bus

Student transportation is highly regulated at the state and municipal levels, so it is important that loss control looks at state and local compliance as well as federal. The importance of ensuring that proper driver screening, safety training, and supervision cannot be overemphasized.

Towing and Repo

Most towing and recovery vehicles are subject to compliance with the Federal safety regulations. Our field specialists not only check for compliance with these regulations, but also ensure that proper chaining and securement, maintenance procedures, safety training, and at-scene safety policies are in place.


Long haul, short haul, and local delivery trucking companies evaluated for proper hiring, training, safety, and compliance with the federal regulations.

Waste Hauler

Whether hazardous materials or normal waste, waste haulers must comply with the federal regulations. Our field personnel cover all aspects of safety, maintenance, and compliance when evaluating these risks. Special consideration is given to the special risks that these companies pose, such as load securement.

Thorn Valley’s Field Safety Engineers are also highly experienced in evaluating non-DOT regulated fleets. These risks include service trucks and delivery vehicles, such as exterminators, contractors, plumbing vendors, small, etc. These fleets still represent the same safety exposures found in larger vehicles. Because they are not regulated, special attention is given to ensuring that these companies are performing proper hiring, training, and operational controls.