Thorn Valley Safety

Thorn Valley offers loss control and risk management services coast to coast. With over 500 years of collective safety knowledge, Thorn Valley has earned a reputation as one of the best independent loss control service providers within the fleet and transportation insurance space. Our constantly growing field network is comprised entirely of Transportation specialists, called Field Safety Engineers, many of whom have spent 10+ years with us. We are known for our expertise in fleet management & safety, our knowledge of the FMCSR, and the ability to apply our learnings to non-regulated fleets in the form of best practices. Many of our engineers carry a CDS designation (Certified Director of Safety) from the North American Transportation Management Institute (NATMI). In addition to a CDS designation, the Leadership of our field network carries a TRS designation (Transportation Risk Specialist) from the Motor Carrier Insurance Education Foundation (MCIEF).

Because our field network is strategically located across the United States, Thorn Valley is able to provide local services with an intimate understanding of the applicable State and Local commercial motor carrier regulations. Most of our engineers are affiliated with their local State Trucking Association. Many have also completed the National Safety Council’s Defensive Driving Training for instructors.

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